June 16, 2019

Watch: Pool – IPA World Tour 1 – Irish Open

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  1. Are living: Scott Gillespie 2-2 Wayne Bridges
  2. The IPA Tour involves Northern Eire for first time
  3. Masters champion Label Allen withdraws from opponents
  4. Exercise play icon to gaze protection
  5. Affirm produced by the IPA

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    Emma Cunningham

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  • BBC iPlayer right here.

    Saturday 23 February

    09:00-23:00, BBC Sport web web web site and app, Connected TV and iPlayer

    Sunday 24 February

    10:30-19:00, BBC Sport web web web site and app, Connected TV and iPlayer

  • Blackball pool: What get hold of or no longer it can perhaps be major to know?

    Blackball is the legitimate aggressive version of pool played within the UK and is frail on the IPA Tour.

    The recognised principles of Blackball are put of living by the WPA, pool’s global governing physique, and are designed to be inventive and entertaining to gaze.

    • Three-level rule: Factors are awarded when breaking off – one level per ball that goes fully past an imaginary line between the middle pockets and/or one level per ball legally potted. Failure to realize the three-level minimum is a nefarious atomize.
    • ‘Skill shot’: It is okay to pot your accept as true with and your opponent’s ball on the identical time – this rewards attacking play by ‘unblocking’ pockets.
    • Fouls: The valuable shot after any nefarious is a free consult with, however the participant then continues with ideal one shot.
  • Blackball (with out the larger pockets) is the legitimate aggressive version in this nation, lumber by the Global Skilled Pool Affiliation.
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