June 24, 2019

West Indies win toss and bat against England

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  1. First ODI of 5-game series
  2. Campbell makes W Indies ODI debut
  3. Injured Roach to fail to see series
  4. West Indies won toss
  5. England unbeaten in nine ODI series

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By Jack Skelton

All times acknowledged are UK

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  1. Shut!

    And all every other time! This time John Campbell chips it up off the splice and Be conscious Wood can not moderately earn there following in.

  2. Shut!

    Chris Gayle tries to up the ante and flays wildly at one which misses the initiate air edge.

    He then gets a innovative trying to play the following into leg and the ball factual about chips Eoin Morgan at quilt.

  3. WI 36-0

    Chris Woakes strays too chubby on the pads and John Campbell absolutely wallops the ball out over mid-wicket for six. What worthwhile.

  4. Put up update

    Assistant coach Paul Farbrace will drag away the England space-up at the tip of this series to change into sport director at Warwickshire.

    Farbrace suggested Sky Sports: “The selfish fragment of me would adore to have seen the Ashes and the World Cup through.

    “I’d adore to have seen the World Cup won and the Ashes won, nevertheless it surely doesn’t persistently figure out adore that.”

  5. WI 28-0

    Gayle 4, Campbell 22

    Replace of attitude for Be conscious Wood as he comes spherical the wicket at Chris Gayle.

    Ooh. Wood zips one past the initiate air edge earlier than a watchful Gayle factual defends the closing ball away.

  6. Fordy: Baffling Root bats three in ODIs nevertheless won’t for the Take a look at crew.

  7. Put up update

    Correct call by England not to search out out about that lbw yowl – it pitched initiate air leg stump so they’d’ve lost their review.

    John Campbell has 21 off 16, while Chris Gayle has 3 off 14 (sure these are the gorgeous manner spherical).

    Gayle requires a new bat – perchance that gentle one he chose to face Be conscious Wood with wasn’t the steady call.

  8. WI 26-0

    Chris Woakes strays extensive and John Campbell slashes unconvincingly at it nevertheless gets it up over the slips and away for four.

    There is a rapid mix up as Campbell wants a single nevertheless Chris Gayle sends him help. He is help in his crease earlier than the throw comes in.

    Bang! Campbell shrugs that off and clatters Woakes help down the ground for four. Substantial shot.

  9. WI 18-0

    Chris Woakes gets on through on to John Campbell’s pads.

    Mountainous allure from England nevertheless nothing doing.

    Eoin Morgan opts in opposition to the review. Regarded to be going over or umpire’s call at most productive.

  10. WI 18-0

    Messrs Woakes and Wood have each like a flash labored out that accuracy and variation are going to be key on this pitch. No lateral motion or variable soar on supply and never great slip in it both.

    Wood is set up on with his second over, limiting John Campbell to factual a single and sending down four dot balls at Chris Gayle.

  11. Dave Amitri: We wants to be some side if Hales can not earn in. Stress on Root?

    Alex Hales

    Copyright: Getty Photos

  12. WI 17-0

    Gayle 3, Campbell 12

    Chris Woakes is mixing up his lengths and slip, banging down a slower-ball bouncer earlier than one other short-pitched one which Chris Gayle anticipates and taps all of the fashion down to third man for one.

    Yeesh! One other slower ball from Woakes and John Campbell nearly chops it onto his stumps. The ball zips away for four though. Hands on heads for England.

  13. Put up update

    I wouldn’t accept a biscuit from Simon if it used to be the coloration of this pitch.

  14. Put up update

    Simon Mann

    BBC Sport in Barbados

    The pitch doesn’t have a touch of green on it at all – it factual appears to be like to be like adore rolled mud. It’s uniformly biscuit brown.

  15. WI 9-0

    Be conscious Wood bangs it in with quite a bit of aggression nevertheless that’s a contact too short and is known as extensive on top.

    Chris Gayle gets off the note, tapping a single spherical the corner earlier than John Campbell pulls away for a couple extra.

    A gorgeous compose from Wood, beating Campbell for slip and striking him on the thighs.

  16. WI 5-0

    Be conscious Wood to initiate with Chris Woakes and he gets his first ball to form help in to Chris Gayle.

    Gayle leaves on size and it strikes his thigh. A strangled allure from Wood nevertheless that used to be going smartly over the stumps.

  17. WI 5-0

    West Indies earn off the note with a leg bye as Chris Woakes strays onto Chris Gayle’s pads.

    Debutant John Campbell slices away nevertheless can fully settle point.

    Campbell then punches deliciously down the ground for four, moderately spoiling what had been a sexy opening over by Woakes.

  18. WI 0-0

    Oooh. Chris Woakes is on the money with his first ball, pushing all of it over and factual extensive of off stump.

    Chris Gayle reads it steady and leaves it alone nevertheless that is the line for Woakes.

  19. Put up update

    Chris Woakes has the ball in his hand.

    Chris Gayle to face first up…

  20. Steve Mills: We must gain a manner for Hales to be in this crew surely?

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