When Did Kids Costumes Get So Intense?

Flora Deer Costume ($95) from the PinkPompon etsy shop

OK, so, Halloween is just around the corner, and as always holidays have a way of sneaking up on me (says the girl who’s shopped for Christmas presents on December 24th many, many times). I’d be overjoyed to be able to cross everything off my Halloween to-do list early, so I’ve been hunting for Halloween costumes for Connor (and Tabs and myself, too!) since last week.

Searching for “toddler girl costumes” on etsy has me thinking about kids costumes… Seriously, when did they get so intense? My first costume, which I wore one year in kindergarten, was Big Bird, and it was a plastic body sheath with a plastic mask that had holes in it for the eyes, nose and mouth (I have vivid memories of barely being able to breathe in it, but you do what you gotta do for free candy, ya know?). It was simple, cheap and effective. And memorable.

Now, though, there are kids costumes that look fit for a Broadway play, like this little girl in her Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffanys getup…

Audrey Hepburn Dress, $69.99, from the AllDressedUpCouture etsy shop

WOW! All that tulle… And the accessories! Wasn’t Holly Golightly a “lady of the night”?? Never mind — that’s a whole ‘nother post.

While I can’t deny that these costumes look super cute, I can’t help but wonder… When did kids costumes get so complicated? Oh! — and pricey? A lot of the cuter ones on etsy are upwards of $80.

Girls Flamingo Tutu Halloween Costume ($83) from TheWishingElephant etsy shop
Elsa dress Disney princess costume ($230) from the YaffieDreams etsy shop

I keep asking Connor what she wants to dress up as, but she’s only two-and-a-half, so she says yes to everything.

Me: “Wanna dress up as a Warriors basketball player?”

Connor: “OK.”

Me: “How about a ballerina?”

Connor: “OK.”

Me: “What about, ya know, the actual Sarah Connor from The Terminator? That would be so meta!”

Connor: “OK.”

I feel like the window of time I have to push my Halloween costume agenda on her and dress her according to my whims is closing, which makes me almost want to spend a little more on a costume right now. Like, the regret I feel in my bones is so deep for finding this Sophia Petrillo costume and this aerobics instructor costume right now. Chunky baby Connor would’ve killed it.

Grandma costume ($49.99) from the SerafinaCreations etsy shop
Girls 80’s Halloween Costume ($36.99) from the SOUTHofURBANshop etsy shop
Rey Tutu Dress and Staff ($83) from wingsnthings13 Etsy shop

As much as I like the idea of Connor dressing up as custom-made etsy ballerina Rey from Star Wars, I like the idea of saving $$$ even more, so last weekend we went to a Spirit Halloween store at the mall and tried on a bunch of costumes in the $20-30 ballpark.

Most got ruled out because they were either too big (the ’50s girl) or too itchy (the queen of hearts costume).

In the end, we went with the monarch butterfly. 🦋

The wings and the tutu-like skirt sealed the deal. It was $34.99, but I also had a 20% off coupon, so score! (Side note: Spirit has some coupons that are valid on their website, too, including 20% off one item.)

What were your Halloween costumes like when you were a kid? Does one stand out?

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